Appliance Repair FAQ Page

Q: How long have you been repairing appliances in Las Vegas?Appliance Repair FAQ
Appliance Repair Las Vegas has been providing Las Vegas residents with high quality service for over 8 years.

Q: Is your company’s service call free?
We will waive our service call charge if you will agree to complete the repair job with us.

Q: Are your repair estimates free?
Of course. We provide free estimates to all of our existing and new clients.

Q: What forms of payment does your company accept?
Our company accepts following types of payments: credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover), personal or company checks, and cash.

Q: Is your service guaranteed and warrantied?
Yes, of course it is. All of our work is guaranteed and warrantied.

Q: What type of warranty does your company offer?
All repairs are completely covered with a parts and labor warranty. A regular warranty for all finished repairs is 30 days for labor and 90 days for parts. Certain major parts warranties may last up to 5 years. Your technician will give you this information on the copy of your receipt/invoice.

Q: Do you offer emergency service or same day service?
Yes, our company provides a 24-hour customer service response for Refrigeration only. On holidays we offer Ovens & Ranges to our emergency service as well.

Q: What areas does your company cover?
Our services are offered in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of Henderson and many, many more.

Q: What are your business hours?
Office hours are 9am – 6:30pm M-F; 10am.24 Hour Emergency Service.

Q: Does your company offer residential service?
Yes, our company provides all homeowners with a top-notch repair service. We take care of the installation, maintenance, and repair; while our clients enjoy our great service and quality work performed by Appliance Repair Las Vegas professionals!

Q: What kind of parts do you use at the time of the repair?
Experts at Appliance Repair Las Vegas use only factory-recommended genuine parts.

Appliance Repair FAQAppliance FAQs

Q: My dishwasher won’t start! What can I do?
Check the racks and make sure they are pushed all the way in. Re-open the door and close it again. Listen for the click. The dishwasher won’t start with the door slightly ajar. If those items check out fine, look at your circuit breaker. It may need to be reset. If the breaker is on and the dishwasher still won’t start, you need to call us right away at 702-425-5933.

Q: Why do my glasses and dishware keep chipping?
Your dishwasher may be overloaded. If items are loose, they may shift when the appliance is running—causing a chip or break. Put any delicate items on the top rack and make sure they are secure.

Q: What is the difference between an electric and a gas oven?
A gas oven heats from underneath with a flame located just below the oven cavity. A convection fan keeps the heat circulating. You will want to keep at least a 1” space on all sides of dishware or baking sheets to keep the air flow uniform. Non-convection electric ovens have an element located in the oven cavity. No air space is needed around baking sheets.

Washing Machines
Q: Why is my washing machine vibrating and rattling so bad?
Your unit is most likely not leveled properly. Many washers are self-leveling. If this is your case, adjust the front two washer feet to be level to each other first. Then, holding your feet up against the front bottom of the washer, reach over the unit and grab it by the back. Tilt the washer towards you until the back legs lift off the floor. Replace the washer on the floor. The legs should have leveled themselves and the vibrating should stop. Washing machines can “unlevel” themselves over time, so, periodically, adjust the back legs

Q: My machine is leaking! What should I do?
Check your hoses first. If they are cracked or torn in any way they are likely the culprit. Other than that, try to even out your loads and refrain from overloading the washing machine. If the machine continues to leak, call Appliance Repair Las Vegas at 702-425-5933 and we will be right there to help!

Q: Do I have to clean my lint catch every load?
We advise to, yes, clean the lint trap after every load. Dryer fires can happen as a result of not cleaning the lint trap.

Q: Why won’t my clothes dry?
The dryer may have too large of a load in it. To work properly, the dryer needs to have proper air circulation. If that is not the case, the venting is most likely to blame. Lint has clogged the dryer venting tube or it is possible that an animal has built some sort of nest through the exterior vent. Check the exterior first. Allow the venting to cool and then inspect the tubing that is attached from the back of the dryer to the wall vent. If possible, loosen the screw clamp, remove the tubing, and look inside for any clog. If none of these steps resolve your issue, call Appliance Repair Las Vegas right away at 702-425-5933.

Q: Why does my refrigerator buzz?
Refrigerators usually emit sounds when running. The compressor kicks in and hums to a certain degree. There may be a loose panel or screw that has developed. Appliance Repair Las Vegas can certainly help out if it’s more than that!

Q: How often should I clean under the fridge?
It’s good practice to pull out the refrigerator and clean underneath about once a year. It does get dusty underneath and pet hair can collect along with the occasional pen. Cleaning is a matter of preference.

 If your appliance is making a noise that you have never heard before, or is operating strangely, or even not at all, call Appliance Repair Las Vegas right away at 702-425-5933!